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10 Most Attractive Hot Military Girls From 10 Country

When we talk about bravery and valor we get an image of a guy or a man. It was always said and accepted that men are made to do things like earning bread and butter for the house, protecting the family, taking decisions and also serve the country and women were meant to be housewives looking after the house and the children. However things are not the same anymore. With time many things changed and so the thought process of people regarding gender inequality and gender bias has also changed for the good.check out top 10 Hot Military Girls list from whole world.

Earlier only men were seen fighting for the country but now you can see women as well, walking neck to neck with men. But what makes this thing quite talked about is that these women who are brave to fight for the country are not only brave but are beautiful as well and this deadly combination is what makes them the most attractive forces in the world. Below is the list of 10 most attractive female armed forces:

Romanian Female Army: The top position is acquired by the female armed force of Romania. Thos Eastern European nation is at the top of the list with the most gorgeous looking female soldiers. If you want to see the sexiest recruits in the army, visit Romania. Romani is not only known for its aggressive power but they have these hot military girls as apple-beaters.





Russian Female Army: In the second position it is Russia which also has a history of women playing an important role in the country’s military history. However Russian is known for the most beautiful girls who are slender and well groomed but it has another sexier side also which is its female armed force full of hot military women. They have also performed various duties especially in the Great Patriotic War of Russia. They are a perfect example of beauty with bravery.




Australian Female Army: The third position is hold by the Australian Army. Women in Australia are known to serve the country since 1899 by restricting to Army Nursing Service till World War II. Later the role of women expanded to the Royal Australian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force and Australian Army in established female branches in the year 1941-42. In late 1970s and early 1980s, they were integrated into more serious services and now hold position in Australian Defence Force that includes combats as well. 

Greece Army: In the no.4 are the sexy army girls from the Greek Army. In Greece, it us compulsory for men to serve the country for 9 minimum 9 months after they turn 18 but the same is not for women, they can serve the country on a voluntary basis. But those military girls are no less hot or beautiful looking than the girls who don’t serve the country. greece-army

Israel Army: The only nation to conscript women is Israel. They are assigned infantry combatant services that put them directly in front of enemy fire. In Israel, it is a compulsion to serve the country once they turn 18 so there are huge bunch of hot army girls in the Israel Army. In Israel Defence Force, around 31% of soldiers are a woman that is thrice of UK. israel-army

Pakistan Female Army: The only Muslim country in the world that has women performing military duties in hostile and other combat military operations. These beautiful soldiers are not restricted to safe and secure offices. They are into serving the country since 1947, when the country was established. Moreover there is a strong, sizeable unit of women soldiers serving the Pakistan Armed Force. The first batch of women fighter pilots was in the year 2006 where they joined combat aerial mission command in PAF. The only uniform service where women are restricted to serve in combat missions is the Pakistan Navy or else they are trained for combat missions specifically in infantry and airborne warfare and sniper.hot-military-girls

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British Female Army: Since early 1990s, women are into the British Armed Force. These women are not only beautiful but brave but they are restricted from combat units in Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force Regiments.

Hot Military Girls british-army

Polish Female Army: Around 2,500 women are serving the Polish Armed Forces. The best thing the country offer is equal rights to men and women to join Army, Air Force, Navy and other Special Forces. Another best thing is that these soldiers are equally beautiful as they are brave.

Hot Military Girls polish-army

Czech Republic  Female Army: Before World War II the Czechoslovakian Army didn’t permitted the recruitment of women in the armed forces. Later women were permitted into military services. During WWII, Czech women fought as medical personnel, anti-air craft gun crew, phone operators, etc. They also served the Czechoslovakian unit of the Soviet Union, the British Army in the Middle East and the British Women Auxiliary Air Force in the UK. Many women plated an integral part of the armed forces and especially in Air Force their roles are indispensable. Hot Military Girls czech-republic-army

US Female Army: Check out some hot US army girls. US army holds the tenth position in the list of the most attractive female armed forces. Since the revolutionary war, women have been a part of the country’s struggle. They have to disguise themselves to stand beside men during wars. Presently they are given auxiliary roles. As of 2012, the US Military consist of 14% women soldiers. Around 165,000 women are actively serving the armed forces and additional 35,000 women are serving as officers. The US army girl that you will see in the army is no less hot than the one who is not into army.

Hot Military Girls us-army

Since you got to know that women are no less than men but they are above than men in terms of maintenance and services. These women know quite well how to keep themselves look beautiful while staying brave parallel. Check out this list of female armed forces to find out which one is your favorite.

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