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20 Hot Israeli Army Girls Soldiers : A Fusion of Beauty and Elegance

Israeli women are known for their magnificent looks and bold nature. They are beautiful in looking and are confident because they take part in the army that makes these hot Israeli female soldiers look sexy as hell. Apart from that, they are fun to be with and are bossy. What makes them different from women of other culture is that they love to wear pretty lingerie which makes them look even sexier. The most important thing that people love about Israeli women is that they are great at bed. Well leaving all these facts apart, let’s talk about their beauty.


Below is a list of 20 hot Israeli Army Girls who are beautiful and elegant and are hot as hell:


Gal Gadot


She is the winner of Miss Israel Pageant 2004 and is a graceful model. Her beauty is unhidden and she appeared in many movies such as Fast & Furious, Knight and Day, etc. She also did photo shoot for Maxim magazine.

Alona Tal: 


Began her career as a child actor, this Israeli beauty rose to the fame as a model for a laundry detergent. However later she got many offers and played many lead roles which made her a popular model and actress.

Michal Yannai: 


This beautiful lady is not only an actress but a television presenter as well. She got starred in many movies and some of her best works include Neshika Bametzach, The day We Met, Pour Sacha and many more.

Miri Bohadana: 


A famous actor, TV presenter, Model and celeb, this lady is a power pack. She competed in the Miss Beer Sheva contest in the year 1993. She was also the first runner up in the Miss Israel Pageant in the year 1995. Apart from that, she represented her country in many beauty competitons and she modeled for Pierre Cardin, TNT and Ferrero Rocher.


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Odeya Rush: 


This Israeli beauty is a famous television performer. Her best shows include Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Curb your Enthusiasm, The Passion of the Christ, Mary-Mother of the Christ.


Bar Rafaeli:


An actress and model by profession, she modeled for Sport Illustrated magazine. A charmingly beautiful lady, she acted in many TV series and hosted House of Style broadcasted in MTV in the year 2009. She also judged German’s Next Top Model.

Noa Tishby: Sexy Israeli Model


This Israeli woman is not only a hot model but is an actress and a successful singer. Her best-known film is” Five Minutes Walking” for which she was praised a lot. She also launched an album name “Noa”. She has also acted in many other movies as well.


Ayelet Zurer:


A bold TV presenter, this Israeli beauty knows how to set the screen on fire. She did her best in movies like “Vantage Point”, “Adam Resurrected”, etc.


Moran Atias:


This Israeli beauty started her career with the TV show “Out of Focus” and then became an established TV celebrity. She also modeled with Roberto Cavalli and also holds the coveted Miss Israel crown. She also acted in many movies.

Natalie Portman:


A person of mixed culture, she is of American and Israeli influence. In the year 1994, she started her acting career from the movie “Leon”. She is not only a beautiful Israeli woman but also is a successful Hollywood actress. She was also seen in “Star War Series”.


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Sarai Givaty:


A well-known actress and model from Israeli, this lady also proves that Israel is full of beauty. She played the role of an American reporter in Kol Layla, an Israeli show. She also did many other shows and is known for her skills and performances. 


Ania Bukstein:


An Israeli actress, model, singer by professions, this beauty is a voice actress as well. She acted in the famous series of “Games of Thrones” sixth season and is happily married now.

Yael Grobglas:

At the very early age she started acting and her passion for acting got wings. This beauty is a girl of mixed culture but reflects true Israeli look. Her looks are amazing and she also did some work relevant to her passion for art.



Rula Jebreal: 


a Journalist, screenwriter and novelist, this Israeli beauty nails the roles she plays. Brought up in an orphanage, this lady is not only intelligent and smart but also hellishly beautiful.

Mira Tzur:


This beauty began her career as a musical/ ballet performer. She is not only famous for her work but for her academics, she graduated from Talma Yalin Performing art School which is a very prestigious one and got scholarship as well.

Lonny Aufrie:

Israeli Army Girls lonny-aufrie

This hot beauty began acting at a very tender age of 11 and she continued to act, sing and dance.

Meital Dohan:


An award winning actress, this lady is a perfect combination of talent and beauty. She is the recipient of two Israeli Tony awards and two Israeli Oscar Nominations. She also produced many movies.

Vered Lenn:

Israeli Army Girls vered-lenn

This Israeli beauty has acted in movie like “The People I’ve Slept with”. She is a beauty with the touch of elegance that every woman in Israeli have.

Tchelet Semei:

THE HOLY LAND, Tchelet Semel, 2001, (c) CAVU Releasing


The actor of the movie “The Holy Land”, this actress is a true example of Israeli beauty. She is not only talented but also stunningly beautiful at the same time.

Morann Peri:


This “Akarao” actress is well known for her stunning beauty and her skilful acting. She is also from the Israeli origin and has taken the beauty of Israeli women to a different level.

Israeli women are mostly known for their bravery and boldness which they get from their service in army which is mandatory for them. To know more about the deadly combination of beauty and bravery, check pics of hot Israeli Army Girls or that of Israeli army girls.

Get yourself a treat with the beauty of these hot army girls who are not only bold but beautiful as hell.

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