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Badshaho movie release trailer- In cinemas on September 1

Well in btown this is the season of having ravishing Bollywood Epic movies that is giving chances to more revolutionist ideas for Bollywood. As we have seen Akshay Kumar’s movie Toilet Ek Prem Katha coming up as Sushant and Kriti sanon’s movie Raabta, and adding a more to the punch for Imtiaz Ali’s When Harry Met Sejal has given Bollywood a new perspective of vision and having an eye on different varieties for making up a character or as a fictional genre for Indian movies.

Well I’m giving Sachin heat or this topic of letting revolutionist Idea coming inside Bollywood is just because of Milan Luthra as new Gangster Saga featuring Ajay Devgan Emraan Hashmi Vidyut Jamwal Esha Gupta Ileana D’Cruz and Sanjay Mishra.

The idea is that where in town everyone is making some Revolution insta optimistic movie have million Luthra coming up with some Gangster fun. And after all who can be the Angry Young Man of Bollywood except for Amitabh Bachchan for sure it is the only best thing to direct this statement or talk to one and only Ajay Devgan.

Well a surprise for all the Ajay Devgn fans and who are waiting for some Gangster fun this movie will also be a returning movie for Sunny Leone. We should be very happy seeing her not doing only the item numbers but actually playing a role in this amazing movie let’s see how Sunny Leone becomes a works as a Gangster They didn’t tell us that there would be Sunny Leone too, not that we are complaining. If this thrill ride needed a little more buzz, Ms. Leone is here to provide it. Now, to cut to the chase, literally, our six characters are in a dusty — but definitely not boring — little town of India even as the Emergency is proclaimed and scores sent behind the bars. What comes as a calamity to many is an opportunity for the others and it is such an opportunity that Ajay Devgn and his rather impressive bunch has found.

The movie has a plot which revolves around a robbery and loot that is caused in some framed circumstances. The robbery is set under the circumstance with the loot gold reserve has been shifted from one City to another. Does it not look like the Indian Fast and Furious movie? But however it is based on typical robbery system deciding part of the movie are this screenplay and the actions.

The good thing is that Bollywood stars are actually working hard work on the accent and making of the team. We have seen the evolution of Kangana Ranaut from the movie Gangster to the movie Tanu Weds Manu it has been an immense pleasure to see who working stills and also to see how far she has grown with her immense dedication towards work the

Actually, it is very difficult for the Bollywood stars even to learn new language is it takes us years to learn new languages and get the accent but yes with the help of fee retakes and small setups and lapses it becomes easier for the star to at least work in ttheirtune. In the movie we will see Ajay Devgan following a Haryanvi accent I know so it will be an immense pleasure for us to see Ajay Devgan working in and out in a Haryanvi accent.

She has immense dedication towards the world actually we are very impressed already and since we all know that Gangster song is starring Ajay Devgan how would not the filmmakers of the film so awesome stunts on the vehicle and some somersaults around the grove. Of course, we have seen Ajay Devgan Golmaal sequences and actions that are performed under the famous director Rohit Shetty who has been really making the tragic of stunts in Btown.

Also since I have already put up the heat of Ajay Devgan’s Gangster movie coming this year you must all have been waiting for the post it will release well that don’t worry the baadshaho poster has been revealed and you all will be able to see the six stores including or no not including but yes Sunny Leone who will be playing a major role either as an item number or a small cameo.

Hindi posters you will be able to see Ajay Devgan has been introduced as badass in Bandana. He also introduces his virus brother Emraan Hashmi and this makes us enter into the long lost history for this pair in a movie once Upon a Time in Mumbai.

Baadshaho Movie Some Fact

The movie the stuff on time in Mumbai has actually being one of the best movies onto date with the correct information for gangsters and perfect screenplay we have seen the life and situations for the big fat gangsters.

But the best thing about this movie is that we will be able to see Emraan sizzling hot Chemistry with none other than Sunny Leone as I said that she will be the cameo in the movie.

Emraan Hashmi sizzling hot scenes with Sunny leone
Emraan Hashmi sizzling hot scenes with Sunny Leone

Also if Emraan Hashmi sizzling hot scenes would not be enough for the audience then don’t worry there is more to come as we will be seeing Ajay Devgn and Ileana D’Cruz having some sexy bold scenes in the movie.


Also, Ileana D’Cruz and Ajay Devgan will be sharing the screen for the first time so it will be a really exciting came to watch how the chemistry between the two works out.

To set the grounds for the movie and the film we see the teaser and the photos of the story is based on a real incident where we see Indira Gandhi has been signing papers and the army is taking in charge of the situation.

All these background setup scenes to add a bit authenticity to the film directed by Milan Luthria Badshahho has been set to be a hit in the movie theaters on September 1, 2017.

So if you are waiting for the release of the movie then set up and gets packed for the amazing power pack action film.

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