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Famous Bollywood Movie Characters Must Watch in 2017

There are so many famous Bollywood movie characters that have won the hearts of their millions of fans. The fans have gone head over heels for the Bollywood stars and they always have been there with their Bollywood ups and high. Their super success is the love of their fans and they stand with the lows and highs of their favorites. The world is a small space and it has also been the same old where relationships are more focused and the people around the globe gets connected to each other with the Bollywood masala twist

Also these Bollywood couple has even grown much bigger and better zones in the worlds they have inhabited. These famous Bollywood movie characters even evoke certain frenzied and beautiful fascination that comes through over the generation of the cinema. These famous Bollywood characters even evoke so many emulations, spoof, love, emotions and what not. All these characters get deep into the lives of the worlds of these famous film stars.

We all have come across some famous Bollywood movie characters dialogues such as


  • Aa raha hu
  • Mai dil me ata hu samaj me Nahi
  • Meri ati ni iski jaati nahi
  • Kehdiya na bas keh Diya
  • Mera naam Coolie no. 1

RAJ (from the movie Awaara)

  • He has been a phenomenal actor and the legend of Bollywood who became the global icon through his award winning performance as Awaara hoon

Famous Bollywood movie characters 

  • ANAND (from the movie Anand)

His character placed a landmark for the movie and for everyone that made an iconic performance in Zindagi kaisi hai paheli, haaai.

Famous Bollywood movie characters

  • JAI-VEERU (from the movie Sholay)Famous Bollywood movie characters

They have been the best of the friends whose examples are still been given as to those who are just as great as characters like them

These characters have actually been proven famous Bollywood movie characters that have marked their importance in the lives of the common people. Common people are actually very much aware about the various characters that have crossed their live journey and have also been an important part of their life. These characters entirely have become the soul ideal of the people. It has a great impact on the lives of the people. The famous Bollywood movie characters can be easily seen holding an impact on what and how people are getting moved and making up an impression.

  • RADHA (from the movie Mother India)Famous Bollywood movie characters

You can directly watch up and look up to this amazing character to have her most sacrificing character in the movie.


  • MOGAMBO (from the movie Mr. India)Famous Bollywood movie characters

Well since there is not much of following for the villains in Bollywood but this amazing Bollywood has made a huge impact on the people. As listening to Mogambo khush hua was a blast on the screen and seriously in a good term.

  • AMAR & PREM (from the movie Andaz Apna Apna)Famous Bollywood movie characters

This pair has really been the amazing Jodi ever in Bollywood. This is the khatta meetha and the amazing chatak and dhamakedaar Jodi of Bollywood till date.

Some more famous Bollywood movie characters

  • CHANDNI (Chandni)

    Famous Bollywood movie characters

  • CHOTI BAHU (Saheb, Biwi Aur Ghulam)Famous Bollywood movie characters

  • RAJU GUIDE (Guide)Famous Bollywood movie characters

  • DEVDAS MUKHERJEE (Both versions of Devdas)

Famous Bollywood movie characters

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