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Foto Ariana Grande Wallpaper in Full HD

American singer and actress Ariana Grande has taken the music world by storm. The 22-year-old star began her musical career in Broadway musical when she was just 13 years old. Her first soundtrack was Music from Victorious which released in 2011. Victorious was a television show of Nickelodeon. Her debut studio album Yours Truly landed in the US Billboard 200 list. The album’s The Way was among the top ten in Billboard Hot 100. Ariana Grande wallpaper are in almost every teenagers PC and phone. Her second studio album which was named My Everything released in 2014 and topped many charts too.

Here is an all new collection of Ariana Grande wallpaper in HD:

Ariana Grande wallpaper Ariana-grande-celebrity-hd-pictures

Ariana Grande wallpaper Ariana-Grande-images-hd Ariana Grande wallpaper Ariana-Grande-photos Ariana-Grande-Sexy-2013-HD-Wallpaper ariana-grande-wallpaper- ariana-grande-wallpaper-16 Ariana-Grande-Wallpaper-hd-quality ariana-grande-wallpaper-hd cute_ariana_grande_widescreen_wallpaper foto ariana grande images foto ariana grande pic Foto-Ariana_Grande-High-Resolution-Wallpapers

From the album My Everything, Bang Bang song was one of the most successful ones. The song has Jessie J and Nicki Minaj as rappers. Other songs of the album Break Free and Problem became record-breaking hits too. Her singing is often compared to that of Mariah Carey.

Their vocals are quite a match. Apart from her tours like The Listening Sessions and Honeymoon Tour, the star has appeared in tours of other stars like Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour in the year 2013.

She has won an MTV Video Music Award and has been nominated for two Grammy awards too. She has also been nominated a whopping seven times for Billboard Music Awards in her small music career. She has done two movies Snowflake,

the White Gorilla and Underdogs. She has also done a cameo in Zoolander No. 2. Her blonde voluminous ponytail is a popular hairstyle among teens today. She posted an essay on Twitter on the negative impression the media puts on female celebs lives by publicizing their sex and personal lives rather than focusing on their success stories. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez strongly supported her on this.

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