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Get Most Horror Ideas With Hollywood Best Horror Movies

The horror genre has been one of the most loved in the Hollywood. It has actually been around many decades and we could have seen a lot many sub-genres of the horror movies be it a thriller movie or a mysterious one. You may also like different kind of horror movies either classic or new, bloody or fill of creepy things we would have catered it all for you in a single just. We gave created a list of the Hollywood best horror movies for you to get you an idea about what real suspense it let us have a look.

Did You See any Hollywood best horror movies:

10. Insidious


A Movie directed by JAMES WAN. It is about a family who protects itself from all the evil spirits that trap their comatose child in a realm known as The Further.

9. The Blair Witch Project

Hollywood Best Horror Movies

The movie is directed by DAN MYRICK. It is a story of three students who are out on a venture into the forest to unwrap the mystery of a local witch.

8. Paranormal Activity

Hollywood Best Horror Movies

Paranormal Activity is directed by OREN PELI. The story is about the family who shifts to a new home and then the house is captivated with evil spirits and the family also experiences bizarre noises and disturbances.

7. The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods movie is directed by DREW GODDARD. It is a story of five college students who have spend their weekend in a cabin in woods.

6. Crimson Peak

Hollywood Best Horror Movies

The Crimson Peak was released in the year 2015 and it is directed by GUILLERMO DEL TORO. It is a story of a young woman whose heart was stolen by a seductive stranger and the mansion she gets in haunts her forever.

5. The Conjuring

Hollywood Best Horror Movies

The Conjuring is directed by JAMES WAN. Again the director for Insidious! Both the movies have been immensely popular in the categories of horror movies. The story of the movie is about a husband and a wife with five kids who shifts into a house which was haunted by an evil spirit of a woman who worships evil and traps the family in.

4. Poltergeist

Hollywood Best Horror Movies

Poltergeist is directed by TOBE HOOPER. It is the story about a family trapped in the evil spirits and the ghosts communicate with five-year-old Carol Anne.

3. The nightmare at the elm street

Hollywood Best Horror Movies

The story is a deadly horror and it is about a kid who sleeps and in sleep he encounters an evil man who haunts things down and kills the souls in the sleep. Till the time the kid is sleeping he is definitely to encounter much blood loss.

2. The exorcist

Hollywood Best Horror Movies

The movie is about the practice of removing the evil spirit that enters in the body of the humans and makes a mark on it.

1. The exorcism of Emily Rose

Hollywood Best Horror Movies

The story is all about a girl Emily who was a happy go lucky girl but a doll that has evil spirit in transfers in Emily and then the story begin.

These were some of the Hollywood Best Horror Movies crafted for you. Let us know if you too have any such horror story to tackle. If you haven’t watched then go for it now!


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