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8 Hot Italian Girls Celebrities Who Make You Uncomfortable !

Italy is known for its fine wine and yes of course for those fine women. One can find attractive ladies all over Italy and it is not that they are some kind of different but they are like that only. There is a charm in Italian women that drives the world crazy. Italian women are known for their communicative or you can say talkative and also for their fine nature. But the list not only gets limited till here, they are popularly known for their hot and pretty looks. 

Hot Italian women can be seen all around the globe for their rich and different look. They have a taste that differentiates them from other women. There is something different in those women that one cannot ever find in women of other origins. Even in the world of glamour, hot Italian girls can be seen dominating the screens with their extraordinary looks and charms.

Below is the list of some of the famous Hot Italian Girls:

  1. Monica Bellucci:
Hot Italian Girls Celebrities
Hot Italian Girls Celebrities


Being at number one position, she is the most appreciated and liked Italian actress and fashion model. She is also garnered for her extremely hot and beautiful look. In the past few years she has drawn a lot of attention from audiences and is one of the top actresses in the Hollywood. Her kitty includes Dolce & Gabbana, Dior Cosmetics, etc and s also considered as an international sex symbol. Her natural curves make her the 8th wonder of the world.

2. Giusy Buscemi:

Hot Italian Girls
Hot Italian Girls Celebrities

An Italian model and the winner of Miss Italia 2012, she holds the 2nd place in the list f top Italian actresses. She is also into film and fashion and is currently following her passion.

3. Claudia Romani:

Hot Italian Girls Celebrities
Hot Italian Girls Celebrities

Appeared in covers of Maxim & GQ, she is at the 3rd position of the hit list. She is a model by profession, she has been voted amongst the top 100 sexiest women in the world. She is popular for her enthralling personality and undoubtedly for her natural beauty.

4. Cristina Chiabotto:

Hot Italian Girls Celebrities
Hot Italian Girls Celebrities

One more beauty in the list is this pretty lady being a showgirl, model and TV presenter.

5. Elena Santarelli:


A hot television host, actress and model this lady has something in her. Definitely the first being Italian. She is renowned for her long legs and blonde hairs.

6. Elisabetta Canalis:

This lady is not only known for her terrific looks but also her bold personality and her dancing moves are something people die for. She has also modeled for popular brand Roberto Cavalli.

7. Melissa Satta:

Hot Italian Girls
Hot Italian Girls

An Italian-American model, actress, socialite, this lady has so many roles to play. With gorgeous looks and long legs this lady needs to be in the list of beautiful Italian actresses.

8. Federica Ridolfi:

Hot Italian Girls
Hot Italian Girls

A super model and the daughter of actor Gianni Ridolfi, she is a hot beauty to be watch out for. She is engaged to soccer player Giuliano Giannichedda. She is the one of the Hot Italian Girls from whole list.


Italian women are considered to be of fine class and are also considered to be among one of the beautiful and hottest women in the world. There is a lot more to these Italian women to drool over. One cannot distinguish movie actresses and common women in Italy as all of them have that exquisitely charming look to die for. What make these hottest Italian women different is their nature, their culture and their looks of course. With these distinctive features, Italian women are truly the hottest and the most beautiful. Even the glamor industry is also full of Italian women.

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