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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Tubelight Upcoming Hit Movie- Kabir Khan

We all know that this eid we will be able to enjoy Salman Khan‘s blockbuster hit, Tubelight which is surely going to be an entertaining family drama.The movie tubelight is set in a small town situated in the hills of North India. The story is actually seen to follow the footsteps for Bajrangi Bhaijaan, however only outlining the essence of the movie and this time Tubelight is about the man’s love for his family and his belief in him. I hope the trailers by now would have shaken you toh come for rather a thought what the movie could be about. Don’t forget to read about Interesting Facts About Tubelight.

After the movie, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Kabir Khan and Salman Khan’s next coming up project is tubelight and surely this will be another heartwarming story and a power to change things magically.

When Tubelight Movie Released Date

The movie Tubelight is based on a war structure which is all set to release on this Friday, June 23, 2017. Also, the head is going to be really high this time so all the fans cross your hearts and get ready for something special.

Also as soon as the trailer was released the potboiler has already fetched enough warmth to seek off attention and it is actually expected as one of the biggest blockbusters and also the biggest grosses for the year too. Well it will be enough to say that The Khan’s however one but give film industry the beat hits of times.

Tubelight is Based on

The movie also stars the real life brother Sohail and Salman. As we have seen Salman Khan and Arbas Khan in Dabangg surely this time this duo will rock on the screen as well. As real bothers we will surely be seeing them as reel brothers too. The movie is set against the Indo-Sino War of the year 1962.

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The best thing about Kabir Khan’s movie we see is that He surely enjoys nurturing relations. In the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan, we have seen the bond of love is above the boundaries of the countries and everything. And with the power of love and faith a man can achieve everything his fears and his desires. Also, it will not be a surprise if this movie breaks the records of all the single hits.

There are few facts about this amazing movie that as Salman Khan‘s fan you should all have an idea about.

Let us scroll down to know some amazing Facts About Tubelight.


  1. We all must know that Salman Khan as of blindly was Kabir Khan’s first choice for the movie. Also just like in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, we know that there has been a bond of trust among the director and the actor and He believed that no other pets OK n can justify role better than him. And there He is the best thing.
  2. Also, we see that this is the third film in which Salman and Kabir will be working together after the blockbuster hits
  • Ek Tha Tiger
  • bajrangi bhaijaan
  • This will be the third time when Kabir Khan and Salman Khan are coming together for a film. Before this, they have collaborated for Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan and now coming up with Tubelight.

Sizzling couples of Bollywood, the latest Bollywood gossip

  1. Luckily to see that this time we will see a real brother couple duo Salman and Sohail who will be sharing the screen after almost seven years. Well, that’s a lot many years.
  2. The other most exciting news is that Earlier, the director Kabir Khan wanted some known celebrity to play the role of Salman’s brother’s in the movie and as the news from the sources it was declared that Akshay Kumar was director’s first choice. Since Salman wanted to have much emotion consent AMD so He suggested the role of his own young brother for the movie.
  3. Good to know that many international stars are also willing to be a part of Bollywood too. The Chinese actress Zhu Zhu have worked on many international projects Like ‘Shanghai Calling’,The Man With The Iron Fists’ and Cloud Atlas which were huge hit and also for the immense dedicated performance. She will be making her debut in the Indian film industry with the movie.
  4. Also, a good thing is for the viewers to have the beautiful screenplay and the breathtaking scenes for the viewers. The film was shot in Manali and Ladakh whereas the shot was completed in Mumbai.
  5. Well, not surprisingly but yes the movie is an adaptation of a Hollywood movie with another young star. Also, it took a while for Kabir Khan to obtain an NOC (that is no objection certificate) from the makers of the Kannada film for the title of the movie.
  6. For a good start up we will see Shahrukh Khan as a cameo in the movie. In a promotional event, we see Salman Khan has revealed that Shahrukh didn’t even listen to the script of the movie and before to that conversation He said yes.
  7. Also, we got to know few flicks around here and there on the movie that the gorgeous actress Katrina Kaif who has worked with Kabir Khan in the movie Ek Tha Tiger was willing to work as a cameo but however refused by Kabir Khan in order to not disturb the narrative of the movie.
  8. Also Like Bajrangi Bhaijan, we will be seeing an amazing duo of child actor, Matin Rey Tangu who has a very significant role in the movie Tube light. The best part about the movie is that He is just 5 years old and this amazing actor belongs to Itanagar who is soon going to become as popular as Harshali Malhotra, Salman Khan‘s his co-star in the movie: – Bajrangi Bhaijaan.Facts About Tubelight

Well these were some amazing facts about tube light which has been trolling in the social media these days. We hope we have enlightened you with the fee new things at least on the cameo.


Watch Tubelight Song Naach Meri Jaan

This Friday makes it a fun day with the release of the movie Tube light. Do not forget to book your tickets.

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