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Love Icon Movie Review By 3 User on Bookmyshow

Love Icon Movie is released on 14 July 2017 but only a few people really talking about this movie. recently I watch the trailer of this movie but not find any big actor or actress but the story is very nice so I suggest you please watch the trailer of Love Icon Movie. in this article, i will give you  Love Icon Movie Review from other top site and famous personality.


Watch Trailer of Love Icon Movie:


Love Icon Movie SYNOPSIS

Love Icon is not just a movie, it is an awakening to anyone who watches it. The story is about a boy who is in search of his true love. What he discovers is a mystery all the way. It leaves you with a question that is the answer to everything in life.

Love Icon Movie Review
Love Icon Movie Review

only 3 people is watch this wonderful moview. you can check the review from bookmyshow.


Love Icon Movie Review



awsm movie. bahubali is great bt its best..its my best movie in while life..plzz watch this movie other wise u miss some important things…


an eye opener to all this is needed now .I’m sure this movie will be a starting of an new era A down to earth reality story, excellent acting I give Aikkyaaksh 100%


This is the kind of movie that right from the very start does not impress in any way. neither the trailer, the actor or the movie itself.nThe first thing you notice is the title which is unimpressive and makes little impact. The second think is the lack of credible actors in the cast and the main actor itself seems so insecure and brainless that he puts a lots of vowels to make his ordinary and plain name look impressive. He also happens to the producer, writer, director and everything else…a one man show by a man with an unnecessary extended name.nThe movie itself is ordinary and the lead actor tries his best to give a good performance and direction but it’s just mediocre and you come out of the theatre wondering, “Wtf did I watch and for what”nWhy waste money on a one-man undertaking?

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