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Check Out Top 10 Different Types of Ear Piercings

Ear piercing is a huge trend among fashion freaks these days. Different types of ear piercings can be seen emerging into the mainstream. It is equally favorite among male and female fashion lovers. Be it for superstar celebrities or college going youngsters, getting different piercings on various body parts is a hot style. In fact, decorating body through piercings was also seen among our ancestors. It has just evolved and got more and more advanced with time. Read below to know about top 10 different types of ear piercings that you would love to flaunt!

Top 10 Different Types of Ear Piercings:


  1. Ear Weaving Piercing

Types of Ear PiercingsThe coolest and sexiest technique that deserves to be the top ear piercing practice. It consists of several piercings that are connected to each other through a single piece of jewelry. It looks just appealing and will definitely win you hundreds of compliments.

  1. Lobe PiercingTypes of Ear Piercings

Lobe is that soft fleshy area of our ear that is hanging from the lower part of the ear. Lobe piercing is a blend of three or more piercings at a certain interval from each other. This style never fails to draw that extra attention from people even when you are in the middle of a crowded gathering.

  1. Helix Piercing 

In this, the helix (or upper ear) gets pierced at three places with regular intervals. After that three graduated studs or rings are inserted in the holes. It takes longer to heal but all the patience is worth it!

  1. Gauging

This style of purposeful expansion of a healed piercing is commonly done for wearing certain types of jewelry. It is one of the most common techniques and is done by slowly stretching hole, using bigger and bigger rings one after another.

  1. Anti- Tragus Piercing

Different ear piercings are popular among the different age groups and therefore, it entirely depends upon you to choose what style you want to carry. Area opposite to the tragus of ear is a hard skin of the cartilage near face. And therefore, getting this pierced requires a strong heart. But yes, the end result is equally amazing and appealing.


  1. Daith Piercing

Daith is that area of ear that acts as the bridge of the earlobe and is situated just above the ear canal. It is difficult to access this section and so the piercing done here takes few months to get healed completely.

  1. Upper Lobe Piercing

    Types of Ear Piercings
    Types of Ear Piercings

Upper ear piercing or upper lobe piercing is the simplest and least painful method. Those who love to carry elegant yet gorgeous look can certainly go for this one.


  1. Rook Piercing

    Types of Ear Piercings
    Types of Ear Piercings

The region just below the cartilage and above the tragus is called rook. This is the most popular form of ear piercing. The famous professional piercer Erik Dakota is known to have popularized this style. Though it is most painful and takes months to heal, it is still adored by many.

  1. Snug Piercing

    Types of Ear Piercings
    Types of Ear Piercings

The snug is located in the outer edge where the cartilage is not too hard and therefore it is easier and less painful to get this area pierced. It is also called Antihelix piercing. If you don’t want to go through lot of pain and still flaunt your style, this one is for you.

  1. Industrial Piercing

    Types of Ear Piercings
    Types of Ear Piercings

Highly in vogue, Industrial or Scaffold piercing is much loved because of its coolness quotient. In this technique, two holes are made on the upper cartilage. This is followed by passing a horizontal wire through both of them in a way that it connects them. Ear ring in  shape of arrow gives this style a stunning touch.

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