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Sexy Guide on Top 10 Worst Movies ever made in Hollywood

Watching good movies is fun, but what about the worst movies ever that made you feel it wasn’t worth spending your time and money on it. And not only you, millions of other movie lovers have equally disliked the worst movies ever made. These best worst movies give you funny as well as an awfully terrible experience at the same time. Yeah it’s true…..you can actually have both the experiences together! My best advice is that you make sure you watch them with your like-minded friends so that you enjoy these hilariously bad, but nonstop entertaining movies. Most of these belong to fiction and fantasy category that audience literally loves to hate.

Take a look at our list of top worst movies that everyone should see at least once in life because sometimes you really learn more from a bad than a good experience!

Top 10 Worst Movies ever made in Hollywood

  1. Spiderman 3

The 3rd movie of Spiderman series, this superhero film is just too overstuffed with baddies, subplots, romantic misunderstandings and dozy little Spider – dances that are way too long to entertain you. The first two movies were far more refined than this one. Lack of humor makes it tedious and boring.



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  1. Blended

A romantic comedy film, Blended, got condemned for being deliberately offensive. It received negative reviews from critics for its retrospective gender politics, its sloppy double-standards about male behavior, its amusement in the humiliation of children, its depiction of Africans as sycophantic, dancing and drum-playing simpletons.

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  1. Catwoman

Another failed attempt to entertain public through super hero films, this movie is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. It got universal negative reviews. The only good thing about the movie is Halle Berry, but she too could not save the plight of this actually laughable action thriller.

  1. Batman and Robin

Next is the 4th and final installment of Warner Bros’ initial Batman film series. It is also based on the DC Comics character Batman. The film is highly dependent on visual effects and too funny to be regarded as a good movie. The toyetic approach and one liner jokes made it a hysterical and mindless movie.


  1. The Last Airbender

Evidently one of the top worst movies, this action fantasy and adventurous film is full of offends and profanity to the standard of the Nickelodeon cartoon show on which it is based . The movie is also believed to have distorted the ethnicity of individual characters. The film squanders its famous source material with inexplicable plotting, awful acting, and disconnected joyless direction.


  1. Dragonball Evolution

Another adventure fantasy film that turned out to be worse than expected. What completely kills this movie dead is the absence of a strong villainous character. You will be highly annoyed watching Goku  turning into Oozaru towards the end of the movie, as it gives no clue about what actually is happening. By no means has it matched the offbeat sensation of the book that it is based on.


  1. The Lovely Bones

A horrible adaptation of the best-selling and award-winning 2002 novel of the same name, it certainly deserves mention in the list of worst movies. The fantasy factor of movie is weightless and it fails to provide a thematic counterbalance.  It suffers from rapid shifts between dreadful violence and sickly sweet sentimentality.

  1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This science fiction and action film is the 2nd installment in theTransformers series. It has been categorized as under plotted, loud and overlong special effects extravaganza lacking human touch. You will just get annoyed by the dog humping scenes and unbearable length of the movie.

  1. Son of the Mask

A live action animated fantasy film that is again a futile effort to make sequel to The Mask after 11 years of its release. Absence of Jim Carrey from the film makes it painfully funny and highly frantic. It was named as the 5th worst film of 2005. 

  1. A Million Ways to Die in the West

worst movies ever

This western comedy film starts with archetypal high school comedy, with luckless loser Albert Stark getting dumped by his girlfriend Louise. It is just another example of MacFarlane’s art of mixing crap jokes with romance, profane language with sweet emotions and nasty humor with boyish appeal.


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