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Top 10 Things to do on Valentine’s Day 14 February

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air. This is the season of love, romance and happiness. Couples are rejoicing at the thought of spending their Valentine’s day with their loved one, and are rushing towards planning out several Cute Valentine’s day ideas to surprise the love of their lives. What have you planned for your better half? Well, if you’re running short of ideas to surprise and delight your love and are confused what to do on the day, have a look at our list of Top Ten Things to do on Valentine’s day.

Here we have summed up a List of Things to do on Valentine’s day.

  1. Sweet and Simple note

sweet n simple note

Customize a simple yet sweet greeting card or a love not for him/her on this special occasion. Write a few poetic lines that will melt your loved one, words coming out straight from your heart are sure to reach the heart of your significant half. There’s no better way to express love than to write it.


  1. Cook a meal

cook meal for your love

They say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, now even a woman’s heart melts with food! Cook a meal that your spouse/lover absolutely loves. No matter how bad your cooking skills are, just browse through Google and find a recipe and get going

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  1. Gift Roses

things to do on valentines day

Roses are a symbol of love. No better way to express your love to your darling than giving a bouquet of beautiful red roses. Roses are sure to bring a smile on your lover’s face.


  1. Watch a Romantic movie

watch romantic movie with him

Watch a romantic movie with your loved one in your house and get cozy in your blankets, relax and enjoy!


  1. Make a “14 Reasons why I love you”


A great idea for surprising your lover is to gift him with a tiny jar full of chits, each one of them containing reasons why you love them. Make 14 of them and gift this to your love on this romantic occasion.


  1. Plan a romantic candle-light dinner

candle light dinner with your love

Take your lover to a fine restaurant for an ultra-romantic candle-light dinner. Order all of his/her favourite dishes. If you’re a man, be as chauvinistic as you can. Indulge in some romantic talks, hold her hand and whisper her “I love you” in her ear.


  1. Surprise your spouse with a massage

things to do on valentine's day

Surprise your lover/spouse with a relaxing head and body massage. It will not only relieve them of their everyday worries but is also a romantic gesture to win over their heart.


  1. Holiday at home environment

best gift ideas for valentines day

Create an environment at home that brings about the joy of going on a holiday on this day. Dress up, order the nicest of foods from the restaurants, adorn your home and enjoy like you’re already there!


  1. Dance together

romantic couple dance

Dancing is a holistic activity and a great way to steam up the fire in the lovers hearts. Nothing brings couples closer than those who dance together. Dance your souls away this valentine’s day.


  1. Go on that first date

first date on valentine's day

Recreate your first ever dating scenario and pretend as if you’ve met for the first time, play around with each other and be the best you can with your lover.

These are our Top ten Valentine’s day ideas to bring back romantic vibes between the couples. Have a great one!

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